Hand Crafted Fan

Collectible, Austria, 1897-1899

This legendary, traditional, hand-crafted dance fan dates back to the 19th century, where it was commonly used to invite women to dances on a ball. 27 noteworthy musicians signed the fan, thereby immortalizing themselves on this truly one of a kind collectible. 16 of the signatures have been officially recognized. 

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1. Johann Strauss, known as the "Waltz King"

2. Marcella SembrichPolish singer and pianist

3. Bronislaw HubermanPolish violinist

4. Ludwig FuldaGerman playwriter & translator

5. Mark TwainAmerican writer

6. Joseph JoachimAustro-Hungarian violinist & composer

7. Robert von Zimmermannaesthetician & philosophical writer

8. Emanuel Wirth,  German violinist

9. Rudolf von AltAustrian painter and watercolorist

10. Pablo de SerasateSpanish violinist & composer

11. Hans RichterAustro-Hungarian conductor


12. Alfred Grünfeld, Austrian pianist and composer


13. Heinrich GrünfeldAustro-German cellist

14. Tina BlauAustrian landscape painter

15. Ruggero Leoncavallo, world famous Italian composer

16. Eduard Hanslickinfluential music critic

The remaining signatures have not yet been decyphered. 

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